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Creating custom tokens to be used for repetitive content

From Daniel Friedlander via Ticket 6354

Our organization is regularly posting repetitive details for events that appear throughout the site.  Every year we create a new set of pages for each event, and we would like to streamline the process.  The basic set of pages are for the most part the same except for dates, locations, titles and people.  So for example, the venue for the 2016 National Conference this year is "Monterey Marriott."  I would like to be able to create and insert a token (ex. [venue2016] ) that references a table/database with all the details for the event, so when I update or change "Monterey Marriott" in the database/table it will change in all places I've inserted the token.

I saw some patches that alluded to this, but nothing specific. How can I do this? 



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For accessibility purposes, I would like to use tokens for the "Override 'Read more' text:" field.

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