September 2016 release notes

  • Fixed an issue where external URL redirects on navigation terms would not open in a new window.
  • Increased the maximum number of file attachments and images a post can have from 100 to 200 (use with caution: this may make those post pages slow).
  • Added an option to Template & Layout to sort posts by calendar date, from the most recent to the least recent date.
  • Improved Solr search (this only applies to sites using Solr search):
  • Proximity of search keywords in content now results in a higher ranking in search results.
  • File attachments are now indexed and displayed separately in search results, to indicate which file attachment matched the search keywords, and so that file text can be biased/ranked separately.
  • The additional search terms field is now indexed separately (and not displayed in search results), so that it can be biased/ranked separately.
  • Fixed post type biasing—it hadn’t been working since the last apachesolr module security update.
  • Improved the PayPal payment functionality on webforms:
  • Webform submission emails are now sent as normal, in addition to the transaction notification from PayPal.
  • Line items can now have a SKU (or other custom value) passed into PayPal for accounting purposes.
  • The order summary instructions now reflect the actual webform submit button name, if it has been customized.
  • Fixed an issue where file attachments were showing after the read more link on teasers.
  • Optimized URL redirects: they are now cached in our reverse proxy cache (Varnish) to make them faster.
  • Added support for exporting webform submissions on webforms with tens of thousands of submissions.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in W3C validation errors regarding attributes on divs on some sites.

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