November 2016 release notes

  • Improved the login security measures that were introduced last month:
  • Added the ability for us to whitelist your IP address to prevent legitimate login attempts from being blocked.
  • Increased the allowance for failed login attempts from 15 to 30 per hour per IP address.
  • Clarified error messages.
  • Fixed an issue in the Views module that could allow a malicious user to obtain a list of usernames of user accounts registered on the site.
  • Fixed an issue where publishing a post revision wasn’t taking effect immediately for site visitors.
  • Fixed an issue where webforms with multiple buttons (for example, multi-page webforms and webforms with draft functionality turned on) were not submitting properly.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to images and file attachments were getting lost when the post editing form failed to validate for any reason (for example, a missing post title).
  • Fixed an issue where webforms were still showing a PayPal order summary despite all form components with PayPal functionality having been deleted.
  • Made small optimizations to image resources in the administrative user interface.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the administrative user interface.

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