March 2017 release notes

  • Added an option to webforms to skip contact and shipping information for $0 PayPal orders.
  • Fixed an issue where all-day events that are currently happening were displaying as past events.
  • Fixed an issue where post dates were sometimes displayed off by one day due to a time zone calculation error.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Home’ link in the top and left navigation (for sites that have such a link) was not always showing as active when on the homepage.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden and access controlled navigation terms were showing up in search facets for posts that are also tagged to regular navigation terms.
  • Fixed an issue where HTML entities (such as &) were showing for special characters in teaser content when sharing a page to social media.
  • Fixed a potential security issue with the Views module. (No Digital Deployment sites were affected by this issue; see SA-CONTRIB-2017-022.)

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