April 2017 release notes

  • Made under-the-hood changes in preparation for HTTPS. (We are still working on infrastructure changes, and expect HTTPS rollout starting in May.)
  • Fixed an issue where a single event exported as an iCal (.ics) file would cause a new calendar to be created when imported into Outlook.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted files were still accessible for up to 6 hours after deletion due to a cache flushing issue.
  • Fixed an issue where replacing a file from ‘Manage files’ would not take effect immediately. (Only applies to sites that use a CDN such as CloudFront.)
  • Clarified language shown on landing pages with member only content: changed “this page has content for …” to “this page has additional content available for …”
  • Fixed a rare PHP and MySQL error that may occur on search pages when no navigation terms match the search terms. (Only applies to sites that use Apache Solr.)

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