July 2017 release notes

  • Improved “Display settings,” adding the ability to set up accordions, tabs, or a table of contents for overviews and teasers. Previously, these could only be set up for the full post page. See the knowledge base article for more information.
  • Changed the order of the icons in the “Share this page” block. Previously, the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google icons (in that order) could be read as “f’ing.” (And once you see it, you can’t unsee it…)
  • Solr search: added the ability to hide archived content by default in search results and allow the user to include archived content when desired. (Let us know if you’d like us to set this up for you.)
  • Fixed an issue that caused protocol-relative URLs (starting with “//”) to result in a JavaScript error.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing SSL certificates from renewing automatically on sites that redirect all traffic to HTTPS.
  • Updated the HTML Purifier library to 4.9.2 for performance improvements and PHP compatibility fixes.
  • Removed all references to blip.tv, since this service no longer exists.
  • Removed the “Site short name” setting from site settings, since this wasn’t being used anywhere anymore.

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