August 2018 release notes

Big updates

  1. Save as draft: Editors and admins can now save drafts of posts and publish them later.

  2. See what’s hidden: ”Manage Nav Terms” now has visual indicators for hidden terms and microsites.

  3. Clone it all: Cloned posts now automatically carry over the settings on the Access and Display settings tabs

Small enhancements and bug fixes

  • Updated accordions to automatically expand when printed.

  • Streamlined webform email notifications so duplicate emails are not sent if the same email address is entered on both the webform and in the default address setting. 

  • Added a notation in the search results to indicate when posts are archived.

  • Added a “no robots” tag to webform confirmation pages so they do not accidentally get indexed by Google. (Thank you, Beth and Veronica!)

  • Prevented some hidden nav terms from mistakenly showing. (Thank you, Jenna and Lisa!)

  • Fixed a display issue where the email address/contact form link would sometimes hide on posts. (Thank you, Laura!)

  • Added a “dismissal X” to green/yellow/red notification messages.

  • Removed the option to create custom URLs for an Overviews, and added instructions on how to create nav term aliases instead to prevent confusing site administrators.

  • Hid the Site configuration option in the black bar from System Admins since the page appeared as blank to them.

  • Moved the error message for invalid file uploads from the top of the page down into the File attachments tab.

  • Redirected invalid/deleted taxonomy terms to a 404 page (“Page not found”) instead of a blank page.

  • Resolved issues with sitewide popup notifications that caused a JavaScript error in IE.

  • Made security update to XML sitemap.

  • Adjusted the spacing of webform field descriptions so they are closer to the field that they are describing.

  • Enhanced Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) module to allow third-party sites to pull in navigation and other elements from your site.

  • Hid the Comment settings tab by default for all new sites.

  • Added the ability to redirect entire folders (e.g. wildcard redirects)

  • Fixed issue that caused an error message stating that “user already has an account” to display when logging in using Single Sign-On.

  • Fixed issue that caused popup notifications to appear multiple times on the post edit screen.

  • Hid the option to switch from the Edit current tab to the Webform tab (or others) until a clone has been saved

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