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Workflow improvements for creating / updating / publishing posts

Update: per meeting 1/6/14 -

Add a button "Save, Publish, Add Another"


Some suggestions that have come up from dogfooding:

  • Have a "migration mode" where posts publish by default, to save the step of checking the Published checkbox.
  • Have a "Save Draft" and "Publish" buttons like in Wordpress, and an "Update" button for already published posts.
  • Have "Save as Draft" and "Save & Publish" buttons that behave appropriately for new and existing posts.
  • However way Drupal 8 is doing it based on their extensive research:
  • Have a "Save, Publish, and Add Another" button. Haley: "Save and add... to think about how much time that would save me. YES"

Just capturing an e-mail thread for the next release discussions!

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In the next release, we'll have a Save, Publish & Add Another button when creating a new post as user 1 (THE 'admin' user, DD only).

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