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Option to remove thumbnails when reordering post

Currently if you have lots of products associated to a Nav term (more than 50) it's quite time consuming when we need to reorder the post which we do on a regular basis. Most the time spent is scrolling up and down, locating and moving items. 

Currently the reorder page displays a thumbnail of the product which is helpful. It would be beneficial to have an optional check box to hide the thumbnail thus reducing the space required for each item and in turn less scrolling when reordering the page.

Would also be helpful to have "Save Order" button at the top and bottom. Currently just at the bottom.


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Yes to one image in both locations!!!!!!

How do you guys feel about only showing one image for each post (regardless of if there are a ton) as a temporary stop gap measure? I noticed that on the manage content page it also shows every image in the post, which can be somewhat crazy.


We would LOVE to be able to hide the images when reordering! We can have 15+ images in one post so we can sometimes only see one article on the reorder page at a time. 

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