December 2013 release notes

New Features

  • Updated to Drupal 6.29, which resolves several security vulnerabilities (see
  • Improved usability of the “Show content zones” function: it now clearly labels the content zones, and the content zones stay in place when hovering, instead of jumping around
  • Improved behavior of the “Last edited by” filter on the manage content page: it now includes posts with unapproved revisions by a certain user
  • Added a warning to prevent posts that appear in more than one area from being deleted on accident: if a post is tagged to multiple navigation terms, a warning will now be displayed before deletion
  • Increased the number of items shown on the reorder page, to make reordering easier on pages with a lot of posts 

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Other Enhancements

  • Improved usability of the calendar date fields when editing a post: using the tab key to move between fields now works as expected
  • Resolved issue where editing events would not update the calendar immediately
  • Restored ability for editors to remove content locks when editing a post
  • Enabled file browser functionality in the WYSIWYG for editors
  • Resolved issue where enabling/disabling mobile would not work due to caching
  • Improved visibility of unpublished status of posts in mobile when logged in as an administrator
  • Added support for external redirects on calendar events in mobile
  • Resolved issue where post date is not hidden in mobile, despite it being hidden on the desktop site
  • Resolved rare warnings being displayed when uploading JPG images with corrupt EXIF data
  • Removed ability for users to be deleted from the manage users page (users can still be blocked)
  • Removed the “block IP” and “send system message” options from the manage users page
  • Resolved rare error on manage users page when there are no users to display
  • Resolved rare issue where the create post page shows empty post type groups for users with limited permissions
  • Corrected spelling error when switching landing page templates
  • Corrected grammar error when editing navigation terms

Hey DD Gang!  Just wanted to give you some props on the updates. The changes to the reorder page are a huge time saver. Keep up the great work and thanks for listening.


Thanks for letting us know!! :)

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