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Long Overviews Solution

EWA prompted this discus so but I feel it is valuable for all clients and a possible area for improvement to the model. In the case where overviews are extremely long, we want to be able to use the read more link. For EWA I reverted the overview to the old style. It behaves similar to what I had in mind with the need for one tweak; the overview title shouldn't be clickable when you are on the term the overview is tagged to.
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Cole is going to set up a meeting to talk about this. YAY!

In listening yesterday, the last solution mentioned was to have the overview either tease by default or fully display by default depending on the overview mode, and when it teases have the read more expand the teaser using Javascript and not change the URL. This seemed to best solve everyone's issues.

We had a meeting Wednesday Dec, 11th to talk about this more.  Here are things that we discussed/decided on...

  • Overviews display on their term page in full and are partially hidden with JavaScript.  The break point being determined by CKEditor's page break marker.
  • Subterm landing pages display only the content before the break.  Clicking on anything will take you to the navigation term page where you have the option to expand the overview and read more assuming the expanding overview mode is enabled (overviews on existing sites will not be affected, displaying fully as they have been).
  • We are leaving old overview mode alone.
  • Mobile: For now, mobile will display the full post and not truncate the overview.  Eventually we would like to add similar expanding behavior in mobile.
  • Baby Step: This new functionality will be added via classes and will only be available when new overview mode is enabled.
  • Final Goal: The new functionality that was added to classes will integrate into Mac's proposed template tool:
  • Naming the darn thing: Expanding Overview is what I would like to call it.  It is a verb and works well in everyday speech when we refer to it by its short name (i.e. the expanding behavior).  Currently has no conflict with any of our other features.  Less of a learning curve for new individuals by not introducing another Digital Deployment vocabulary term (i.e. Pod, Landing Page).
  • Est. Timeline: Development priority Jan 2014.
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