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A better way to deal with subterms and standard templates

Based on feedback I've been hearing in the forums, in support requests, and from clients, I recommend a new interface for templates which pulls in some of the power of classes without being overwhelming.

It could address the following:

  • Some confusion between subterm overviews and posts
  • No longer needing to have a dedicated set of templates for each set of settings (e.g. subterms, post types by tabs) when templates should really just affect display (e.g. Teasers, Grid, etc.)
  • Addressing the problem of sorting
  • Certain special features (accordions, tabs) not being configured properly/consistently because multiple classes are required.
  • Difficult to change the number of posts in a term (there have been multiple support requests to increase the number displayed)
  • Conflicting settings (e.g. using tabs by post type without increasing the pager)
  • The ability to include archived content on a particular display without needing a dedicated T-block or special template (e.g. in Past Events)
  • The ability to let the administrator choose, as needed, to have the overview display fully or tease with a read more. (If clicked, the content would switch to full display via javascript and not need to reload the page, eliminating the long-standing confusion of having the read more click to a separate page just to read more and then having lost users unable to find the content tagged to that term.)

EDITED 1/9: 

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The decision to display subterms might be best characterized as a choice of how to pull in content for the primary content zone. See in the popup how the user is allowed to select the source of content for the primary channel. Simply changing the query to return teasers of overviews of the subordinant terms while utilizing the same display would be highly advantageous for theming and other reasons. 

"Auto" would switch to subterms if no posts were tagged to the nav term. 

I like the visual representation of the templates.  I think that will really help our users.

Also, the ability to enable special features this way cuts out the stuff our clients don't need to see in classes.

I think this main reason this is powerful is that the options are presented in context.

Hey Ben,

I've updated the comp per our brainstorm yesterday with more ideas. The various options should all be greyed out unless they apply. The first control under overview is image size and alignment. (The last option is slideshow, which should only be enabled if there are multiple images). If a user hovers over a greyed out thing, it should tell them why (e.g. slideshow display is not available. add additional images to use slideshow mode.) 

The tease overview display seems much more elegant as just a checkbox, perhaps tri-state as was in your comp. Adding a classes-like control isn't worth it or as clear. 

The use custom template option will show all the other templates available that are not standard and will gray out all other options. 

You can look at the full support ticket here: [#710] A better way to deal with subterms and standard templates

Kind Regards,

Mac Clemmens

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