January 2014 release notes

New Features

Configurable “Share this page” Blocks: The “Share this page” block can now be configured to show or hide in the settings for each post type. An example: you could configure the post type Newsletter to show the Share block on all Newsletter posts, and the post type Profile not to show the block.

Note: in the past we may have manually hidden the block for you on certain post types. This may make it impossible for the block to show up, regardless of this new setting. Just ask us if you have any issues getting it to show up for you!

Improved Analytics: We have been working hard to make Analytics more useful to you by building a new companion module to Google Analytics. The new module helps to purify and improve collected data, enforce sensible defaults, and supply additional information to build better reports.

All sites can be configured to utilize the new version of Google Analytics called Google Universal Analytics, empowering you to see content heatmaps on all pages, view visual breakdowns of page clicks, gain better tracking of external links, content downloads, and much more.

For now, this is an optional feature, and your site will continue to use the standard Google Analytics until / unless you let us know if you want to try the new version. We’d love your feedback, and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Learn more information about Google Universal Analytics

Other Enhancements

  • Resolved issue where spaces between sentences would go missing after saving a post
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