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Space between data in webform submission emails

The webform submission emails would be much easier to read with a space between each of the pieces of the submission.  Right now, all the information in the email is smooshed together.


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much better now

Thanks for tackling this!

Awesome! Glad you like the improvement. 

This works great now.  Thanks DD.

I agree that a space is needed. I just created one and it was met with raised eyebrows from my staff... 

We're planning to discuss it on Monday!

Here's another example (real info removed), just for further illustration.



Just checking in to see if there's any progress on this.


Yes, a space between each response category AND bold headers would help quite a lot. Thanks!


I agree as well! 

I agree, either a space or bold heads. Let's see what you guys might be able to come up with!


yes, we are getting comments from our internal people who get the forms that it's too hard to read with all the stuff bunched together--just adding space between each response category would help tremendously.

This is something weird with Outlook and the way it's not bolding the labels. Maybe just be resolved through testing or the addition of a <b> element around the label.

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