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Managing post type improvements

The organization of the manage post type interface is not intuitive to anyone except our team (since we know where everything is and what it does). Even though there are descriptions along with each item, the list is so long and disorganized it's hard to find what you need or even see what you can do. 

Here is my proposed change to the organization of the manage post type interface. I think it would look really good if all the sections were collapsed except for the post type title and structure (kind of like it is now, but more sections). The sections would be (titles can be changed):

  • Post type title
  • Structure
  • Post display settings
  • Customize field titles within the editor
  • Email settings
  • Navigation term settings
  • Access Control

Post type title

Type title

Plural type


Create as subtype of

Display settings for the saved posts

Related people & profile display settings

Show a referring posts channel block

Referring posts channel block title

Hide the body field

Show the post date

Show the post type

Show contact information in teaser

Show the social media block

Contact display settings

Contact e-mail link text

Contact email link


Post behavior

Automatically archive after

Exclude from search

Customize field titles within the editor



Custom author/date info

Related people & profiles

Bundled content

File attachments

Related links

Destination redirect

Sort name field

Comments field title

Enable comments by default

Calendar dates field title

Video field title

Contact information

Email settings

Is usually blasted by e-mail

Show table of contents for bundled content

TOC title

Show post type in blasts

Hide all post types

Bundled posts display

Show related profile on bundled posts

Change first heading into an H1

Show mail bar

Show social media links

Enable right column with related profiles

Bundled settings

Display as header

Exclude from TOC

Navigation term settings

Assign default navigation terms

Only show the following navigation terms as choices for the user

Access Control

Customize access control

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Related to this, is tumblr considered social media? 

We have a page where the staff wanted to put a link to a tumblr page (and a facebook page). I was thinking of enabling the Social Media block, but it's a landing page ( ) using the standard template, which I don't want to mess up. Also, we want to link to the appropriate tumblr and facebook, rather than have buttons for people to "like" or share.

How do other people handle tumblr?

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