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Ability to adjust publishing permissions for custom roles

For customers who use custom roles, it would be nice to be able to adjust the ability for them to publish without approval if they so chose. In some cases, they want that role to be able to only create some post types, in some nav terms ... which works well. But the content still has to be approved before going live.

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That would help us here a lot. We have insular groups that need to share information with the ability to comment on each other's posts. If an admin has to publish every post that will not only cause a lot of grunt work for me and Katie, but it will probably suck the life out of their conversations. (These groups do a lot of collaboration.) I was enthusiastically campaigning for "secret" Facebook pages, but a lot of these folks can't access Facebook at work.

And I'm assuming that we would not want to assign the Editor role to these folks, since that would give them the ability to edit all content ...

Yes, their publishing ability would be limited to that one specific post type.

Also, it would be great if any accompanying comments could show, again in sort of a Facebook style, rather than having to click on each individual post to see comments.

Would you mind starting a new idea topic for that last part? That way the thought won't get lost. :)

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