February 2014 release notes

New Features

  • Expanding overviews — Overviews can now magically expand on a page by clicking the read more link. It looks better and is easier for your users. Learn more or see an example. Let us know if you want us to enable this for your site!
  • Advanced webform validation and custom error messages — We’ve made webforms more powerful than ever. Learn more
  • You can now rename the mobile ‘Start’ tab — The ‘Start’ tab in DD mobile can now be renamed (although only the title is able to be changed since it’s critical that visitors be able to get back to the start page, especially when in app mode)
  • Protection against accidentally deleting webform submissions — When deleting a post that has webform submissions attached to it, you will receive a warning to prevent accidental deletion of the post — which also deletes the webform submissions, and cannot be undone

Other Enhancements

  • Attachments now always open in new tab or window — this had been annoying to many users whose browsers would allow PDFs to overtake the site, then users would close the PDF and have closed their browser completely!
  • Easier username searching in ‘Manage users’ dashboard — the field to search by username on the ‘Manage users’ page now operates like a search field, instead of requiring an exact match
  • Lightbox images are now bigger — when clicking on an image in a post
  • The ’submit a support ticket’ widget is better — and taller so all fields are visible, especially helpful for required fields that would give errors when you try to submit a ticket without completing them
  • You can now reorder archived content — which wasn’t previously possible
  • We improved the reorder page — by only showing the first image of any post, instead of all images
  • RSS feeds explained — this generally confusing technology is now explained nicely on your site map page (/sitemap)

Other Fixes 

  • Resolved issue where Internet Explorer would go into compatibility mode, or not use Google Chrome frame when available
  • Resolved an issue where gremlin spaces would mysteriously disappear or appear between sentences in a post
  • Resolved issue where “content zones” would block your nav terms 
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