Adding domains and email addresses to Register preapproved area

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In order to add domains or email addresses to the pre-approval section of the website, you'll need the role "system admin" so you can access the black bar at the top of the screen:

Hover over the option User management > Register pre-approved
Here you will see a list of pre-approved domains or email addresses that already exist.

Important note: if you delete any pre-existing pre-approval rules, that will *not* remove the role provided from anyone who has already registered ... however, it will not allow any future registrants with that email address and/or domain to get the role automatically.

Additionally, these settings will not apply to existing users with that domain and/or email address; only to users as they register for your site for the first time.

Selecting roles

Before you add any pre-approval patterns, it's important that you allow any custom roles you want to assign to be set. To do this, go to the Settings tab, and check the box next to the roles you would like to be able to set:

Click Save configuration

Adding domains and/or email addresses

Next, click the tab that is labeled "add" – this is where you will add new domains to be pre-approved for registration on the site.

Enter a list of email addresses and/or domain patterns, one entry per line. Valid patterns include full email addresses or domains beginning with the @ symbol (ex: You can combine both domain names and email addresses if you like.

Common uses include:

  • Adding particular email addresses for a role like "CEO" or "Board Member" – in other words, in situations where a limited number of particular people should have that role when registering
  • Adding full domains for Member roles (for example, if everyone at a specific organization is a member of your site and should be granted that role when registering)


Note that you can follow these instructions for each role you want to assign domains to; in the examples above, you would do the first, then click Add, the do the second, then click Add.

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