Content approvers are site admins or system admins who are e-mailed when revisions are pending approval in case of a contributor, or auto-approved in case of an editor. These emails are sent to either the site-wide content approvers, or a specific content approver for each contributor/editor. See the handbook page about user roles for information about each type of user role. Configuring the content approvers can be done only by system admins.

Site-wide content approvers

Go to DD > Site settings from the black admin menu at the top of your screen. Expand the Workflow, permissions, and policy group.  The system supports a side-wide configuration of up to three content approvers:

Overriding the site-wide approvers for certain users

Different approvers can be set for certain users. To configure this, go to Commands > Manage users and find the contributor or editor user you want to configure a different approver for. Click edit, and then scroll down to this configuration:

By default the primary side-wide approver is listed, but you can enter the name of a different site admin or system admin who should be notified instead about posts or edits from this user. When you're entering a name, the field with autocomplete from the site admins and system admins on the site.

Reviewing content approver configurations

Go to Commands > Manage users. There is an Overridden Approver column which shows any approver which was set as overridden from the site-wide defaults for a user. There is also an Assigned approver filter for searching for users with overridden approvers.