Your site supports a few different ways to post your content to Twitter - the Summary Card, or Summary Card with large image. The "card with large image" is the default option, but keep in mind that Twitter limits the number of Twitter Cards shown on your feed, so not every tweet/share may get a Twitter Card. This does not indicate a malfunction.

You can learn more about these two options on Twitter's site.

To configure on your site, you must be a System Admin. 

  1. Go to the upper black admin bar > DD > Social media (note: there is also a Twitter option in the menu, but you want Social Media). 
  2. For the Preferred card type choose Summary Card or Summary Card with large image (or disabled).
  3. Add your organizations Twitter handle.
  4. Save configuration.

Handy tip: visit (requires Twitter login) to use a tool that allows you to reliably preview Twitter Cards for any URL without having to tweet it first.

As always, reach out if you have questions.