The Template & Layout pane takes the place of the former Templates switcher. It is accessible by Site Admins on all Navigation Term pages except the home page.

These controls may be used to alter the way the current page displays. All controls cause the page to immediately save and reload with the selected changes. If the page doesn't reload, after 20 seconds, refresh your browser and the changes should take effect.

At the bottom of the pane is a select box where the template can be changed. See Standard and Subterm templates for information about the standard templates. Your site may also have additional templates listed here. Changing templates may affect if or how other controls affect the page, so start here if you're looking to make significant changes to the way the page is displayed.

Most of the controls have a "default" mode, which means that the settings for the page are inherited from site-wide settings configured by Digital Deployment or a System Admin. Any setting other than "default" means that the page will retain its own page display settings for a particular control, and will no longer match the site-wide setting, even if the site-wide setting is changed.

In the Overview section, you can control display settings for the overview post. The options are:

  • Tease overview display: When set to "Yes", a teaser is shown for the overview with a "read more" link which can be clicked to immediately show the full post, rather than always displaying the full post. Note: If this option is missing it means your site is using our old overview mode where "read more" takes you to a different page.
  • Accordion: When set to H3 or H4, the HTML headings in your overview content will turn into expandable content groups.

In the Posts section, you can control display settings for all posts shown in the main content zone (see Understanding the basic "zones" of the site). It does not affect posts shown on the right sidebar or elsewhere. The options are:

  • Sort content: Content is sorted manually by default (click the Reorder link to sort). The other options are two different ways to sort by Event date.
  • Tabs: Content can be grouped into tabs. Options include grouping by Post type, Title, Subtitle, Related Profile, and Date. Note: If your tabs appear just as plain text without a "tab" at all it may be that tabs have never before been used on your site. Please contact us and we'll help get your tabs setup and styled.
  • Include archived content: By default your archived content (past events, etc) is hidden. This option allows you to show it.
  • Posts per page: This options allows you to set the number of posts to be shown before a pager is added and additional posts are shown on additional pages. This option is grayed out and set to the maximum if you choose to enable tabs.

Note: If the entire Overview section is missing it means the page doesn't have a standard Overview block. If the entire Posts section is missing it means the page doesn't have a standard Posts block. In either case please contact us if this seems incorrect for a given page.