If you'd like to be able to reply to your contact webform you received via email, it is possible to set a "Reply-to" header on the email so it will respond directly to the person who submitted the form.

Normally, this should be set by default on your site's main contact form. But in case it isn't, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the webform and click on "Configure webform"
  2. Find the email field you want to reply to, and click "Edit" (e.g. "Your e-mail" or whatever field the user types their email.)
  3. Set the Field Key to your_e_mail (pictured below).
  4. Scroll down and click "Save component"
  5. You're all set.

Technical Notes: The key "your_e_mail" has magic powers. It will tell the system to append a "Reply-to" header on the email, making it very easy for the form recipient to reply via email to the user who submitted it. This is most commonly used on the sitewide contact form. It is also an easier alternative to trying to set the email "from" address to the "Your e-mail" value, which can lead to submissions getting blocked by spam filters, which see it as an impersonated email.