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A note before we begin: administering your site will be a much more pleasant experience if you use a modern browser. Older browsers may have issues processing javascript, which is required to do some of the things you may need to do. We suggest you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. If you're not allowed to use anything other than Internet Explorer, try to use the very latest version if possible.

There are two different approaches to creating content. One of them uses the Commands menu to take you to the "Create Post" landing page, the other begins on the landing page where you'd like the post to appear and uses the "Show content zones" button.

Method 1 - Commands menu

Use the Commands menu in the bottom left hand corner. If you don't see the Commands menu, you may need to log in.

Click Commands > Create post

On the next screen, you can choose the post type you'd like to create.

Method 2 -  “Content Zones” method

Go to the section of the site where you'd like your new post to appear.

Click the “Show Content Zones” button (light grey, lower right of your browser). This will allow you to visualize the various content zones as you hover over them.

It should turn green and read: Show Content Zones: On when it is turned on.

To add a post, hover your mouse over the content area, or zone, you'd like to add a post to: Overview, Main, Right Sidebar (for pods), Footer, etc. 

Click the blue + Post button to expand and choose the post type you'd like to create. Once clicked you will be taken to the post creation screen.

Handy tip: The great thing about the shortcut version is that your "post type" and Navigation Terms will be pre-selected based upon the section you were in when you started and the post type you chose when hovering.

Basics for building posts

There are two modes available to Administrators when creating posts: basic, and advanced mode. Advanced mode offers more fields and is not be available to any user of the site that is not an Administrator. Each post type can be set up to display or hide most fields in basic mode, so that members and contributors only see the fields Administrators want them to see.

For this reason, Admins may sometimes be confused when it seems that fields have just "disappeared." If this happens, take a look in the lower right corner of your post creation / editing screen and make sure Advanced mode is on - it should be blue. (It will stay on after you click it, and until you click it again to turn off.)

Basic mode

Advanced mode

The only required field that every post must have before being saved is the Title field. We'll go over all the other fields and options in the next topic. Regardless of how many fields you fill in when creating a post, you need to remember to scroll all the way down and click "save" before navigating elsewhere, or you'll lose your work!

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