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Member Only content: make title visible to all, but member login required to view post content

We have quite a bit of member-only content on our website. If a user is not logged in, or logged in with non-member credentials, this content is hidden. I think it would add value to our membership if non-members see the content they could have access to if they had membership (also so that member could see what they do have access to once they log in).

It would be great if DD would consider making the title and/or teaser visible to those without member access privileges, and when the user clicks on the title to read more they are told the content requires a member login. This could offer great incentive for membership for our association.

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Love this idea. We've asked for something similar in the past, but have never found full solution (e.g.,in one section of our site, titles are visible and text is hidden based on the term -- a solution that fails in mobile). A few thoughts:

  • We would still need to fully mask some content. Having options would help: 1) Hide the entire post until member logs in; 2) Make title public, hide everything else until logged in; or 3) Make title and teaser public, hide everything else until logged in (Thanks for these options, Sloane!)
  • We have a lot of public content and traffic -- and our membership is limited -- so we'd like a way to indicate title/teaser is member only up front (or some way keep nonmembers from becoming frustrated). Thanks again, Sloane.
  • Related to above -- and possibly very specific to us -- a lot of our members don't even know they are members (institutional membership). Currently, it's very easy for a member to come to site, click on one of our public posts that redirects to member only content, get the direction to create log in, create it with a gmail account (and thus not get authenticated) and then think they can see everything. When the links don't work, they are apt to think they are simply broken. This would need to be considered if this idea moves forward . We would have a lot more log in "paths" that could become confusing if the log in process isn't right.

This is excellent! 

Lisa, a while back we discussed having a checkbox on the registration for the person to state if they believe they are a CHA member. That would flag for you that they need further processing, especially if they're not recognized as a user but believe they are one. 

We have that now to some extent. Not a checkbox, but members are asked to select their membership status, including "I work for a member hospital." We've noticed 2 things.Members often don't select this and nonmembers often do (adding to the general confusion). Members and nonmembers don't know their status. Also, there are nonmembers who seem to be working to "break in." For a while we tried to watch for and follow up on discrepancies, but don't have that kind of time. The process quickly got away from us. 

Our earlier language gave users steps to find out if they are members, and then followed up the log in process to let them know they were "in" or not. We did receive calls and emails from folks who didn't get authenticated and thought they should be. 

Not rejecting the idea - but I'm not sure that would make much difference.

Hi all, 


Along the same lines as Lisa was saying, I get calls from members who don't know they have access to the website, or think their company has one log-in.  For example, a CEO yesterday emailed me and wanted to know the log in for his hospital. Another lady called looking to access a post and didn't know she was a member who could create an account for herself.


Just something to keep in mind as we look for ways to improve upon the log-in and account set-up process.   

Here's a mockup of the proposed functionality. (Note: one thing not shown here is that this would be configurable by post type and would normally be set to "Default for this post type") 

Aside from the user login "flow" issues, does this capture what you're looking to accomplish? 

This will be part of this month's release!

(Minus the "Show only the title" option, since that would have a negative impact on performance and it would not be good for usability. We recommend that all teasers have teaser text as much as possible. If you really want to do title-only, use "Show full teaser" and put the teaser break at the top of the post.)

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