At Digital Deployment, we are committed to making sure our clients have beautiful, engaging websites - especially the home page. We also like to make sure the design that FUEL created holds up to its original intent and reflects your organization the best it can.

When choosing an image, keep the following in mind:

  • Choose images that clearly support/promote your message and reflect your personality
  • Images of people make a great personal connection with the viewer
  • Images of places provide a good understanding when referencing a location or event 
  • Your image should be of sufficient resolution so it does not appear pixelated. It needs to be at least 72 dpi at the size you want to use it (tip, it should look good on screen at the size you intend to use it). If you need help determining the best size image for your carousel, please feel free to contact us. 
  • A quality image that is in focus, has plenty of contrast and looks professional, will take your Website to the next level. 
  • Make sure you use images that you have the rights to use. Grabbing images off a website or Google Images is not recommended. If you need a stock image, there are several options available that are cost conscious -- a few are: Just make sure the photo you choose is "royalty free" (unlimited use) and not "rights-managed" (restricted use)


What really doesn't work in an image:

  • Text in an image that is not changeable in the CMS. Images that are placed with integrated text do not have continuity with the rest of the Website styles and aesthetics.
  • Borders of any type on images.
  • Unbalanced images. Example: In a carousel with the text set on the left side, using an image with most of the visual weight on the left side as well -- leaving most of the right side open and unbalanced.
  • Logos (if you do need to feature sponsors in the carousel you can ask us for help -- there are ways to do this, it just requires some graphic design assistance)
  • Clip art.