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Redirect from the sandbox domain to live domain for live sites

I propose that all sites in production automatically redirect from the sandbox domain to the live domain. This would prevent accidental use of the sandbox domain after launch, and problems we've seen like incorrectly cached URLs. This would also make hosting more standardized (there are a few sites we've manually added redirects for).

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It would have to be smart or require a switch that's separate from the "this site is live" checkbox, because there's a period in time where the sandbox URL needs to stay available when a site went live but DNS for the live domain is taking a long time to propagate.

Good idea. I was also thinking of an argument to disable the redirect (e.g. ?noredirect=1), just in case.

Dennis also wants to:

+1 to confusion lessening

When clients have more than one domain and domains that redirect to landing pages, we have to do it in htaccess etc. 

On the new hosting we should have a little manager that allows you to list the URL and where it should point.

Can spit out .htaccess so you can use for ICDsoft and later nginx (next step) and would allow Sloane or Haley or something to set up the redirects. Plus it should be smart. So you can test it. w00t!

Should be a separate switch from the "live" thing since sometimes you want the sandboxes to remain for awhile.

The next step (don't do this now - there's a separate forum topic) it should help with DNS settings and look at TTLs etc. so Dennis doesn't have to make spreadsheets. :)

Plus maybe someday it could have a client view so they could double check it (like the Site settings / advanced thingy)

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