These instructions describe setting up the link between PayPal and your website using the DD PayPal module.

  1. Enable the DD Commerce and DD PayPal modules. You may also want to enable the Role Expire module if you need that functionality.
    • Site building > Modules > List
  2. Go to the PayPal Developer website at and obtain test credentials:

  3. In another tab, go back to your site and go to DD / PayPal. Enter your PayPal sandbox credentials into the form.

    4. Back at PayPal, generate a user account for testing your integration.

  4. You can use these credentials to pay for items on your site to test the integration. 

  5. When you are ready to go live, go back to the PayPal Developer site, and from your app click the link to show live credentials. 

  6. You'll need to replace the credentials saved at DD > PayPal > Configuration with these live credentials. 

    • Note that PayPal API endpoint also needs to change from to