When adding contact information to a post we always encourage using the contact info fields or relating a profile via the related people & profile field. But in some scenarios you may need to use the WYSIWYG editor to add inline mailto links and you can do some really neat things with them.

A basic mailto link will open a user's default mail program and starts a new message with the To field already populated.

In some cases you may want the message to have a specific Subject or Body and you can choose what these will be. Note that the e-mail does not send automatically and before sending it the user can change any of these fields.

To make a mailto link, highlight the text you want to turn into a link and click the add link icon.

A box will appear, change the link type to E-mail. You can then choose the default to, subject, and body content.

There are a few additional fields you can populate if you need to but requires editing the HTML, the CC and BCC e-mail fields. You can edit the HTML by clicking the Source button.

Additional variables:

&cc= to set the CC recipient(s)
&bcc= to set the BCC recipient(s)
Example HTML for CC and BCC: 
<a href="mailto:someone@yoursite.com?cc=someoneelse@theirsite.com, another@thatsite.com, me@mysite.com&bcc=lastperson@theirsite.com&subject=Big%20News">Email Us</a>