Images that will be added to multiple posts can be added to the Frequent Images folder. This eliminates the need to upload the same image repeatedly.

To add images to the frequent-images folder

  1. Go to Commands > My account.

  2. On the File browser tab: If the Navigation menu is not visible, click the three vertical dots and drag them to the right.

  3. Click frequent-images > Upload.

  4. Click Choose File > select the desired image > Upload.

  5. The uploaded image will now appear in the frequent-images folder.

To add frequent-images to a post 

  1. On the Images edit tab, click File browser > browse.

  2. On the File Browser popup, you may need to click the three vertical dots on the left side and drag them to the right so that the Navigation menu shows (see screenshot in section above).    

  3. Click frequent-images > click the desired file name so that the image displays at the bottom > click the image itself.

  4. The image will now be added to the post.