Adding a table

  1. On the edit screen, click Body format (below the body section) > select Full HTML.

  2. New edit icons will appear. With your cursor in position for the new table, click the Table icon.

  3. In the Table Properties popup box, select the desired Rows, Columns, Headers, Border size and Alignment > click OK.

  4. Click inside each cell to enter table content.

Editing a table

Cell editing functions are available by right-clicking a single cell or a group of highlighted cells. 

Add/delete a row/column

Right-click in a row/column next to the one you want to add/delete > Select Row or Column > Select option to Insert or Delete a row/column.

Add a header row/column, change border size or alignment

Highlight the desired cells > click Table Properties > edit the Headers, Border size, and/or Alignment > click OK.