Step by step guide to update the drop-down menu

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To update the information in the drop-down menu, you need a basic understanding of HTML. However, even if you're not familiar with HTML, this tutorial will guide you through the process.

  1. On the screen for editing the post, click on the "Source" icon.

  2. (Optional) To make the code easier to read, select the HTML code that appears on the screen, right-click, and choose the "Copy" option.

  3. (Optional) Access the Free Online Formatter website (, select the "Copy-Paste Your HTML here" field, right-click and choose the "Paste" option.

  4. (Optional) Click on the "Format HTML" button and wait for the formatted HTML to appear. Click on the "Copy" button, return to your post, and replace the code on the screen with this new one by right-clicking and choosing the "Paste" option.

  5. Each line corresponds to an option in the drop-down menu and the format will always be <option value="Link">Name of Link</option>.

  6. To change the name of an option in the menu, you will first define the link that you want to be opened by inserting it in place of the "Link" text, and then define how the name of this link should be displayed in the menu, replacing the text of the place "Name of Link", for example, like this: <option value="/example-newsletter/july-2020">July 2020</option>.

  7. After completing the steps above, save the post.

  8. Test the updated dropdown menu to make sure it works as expected.

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