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When submitting a ticket to customer support, it's important to know the different statuses that your ticket can have. These statuses can help you understand what stage your issue is in and what actions you can expect from the support team. 

Open: The default status for a new ticket is Open. This means that the ticket has been created and is waiting for an agent to respond.  

Customer Responded: This status indicates that the customer has made a new interaction and is awaiting an agent to analyze the issue. 

In Progress: This status means that the agent is working to resolve the problem without the need for development interference.

Pending: When a ticket is marked as pending, it means that the agent is waiting for a response from the customer or needs more information to proceed. 

Development Backlog: Sometimes a ticket requires analysis by a developer. This status puts the ticket in a service queue organized by priority and urgency. 

In development: Once the developer is actively working on the issue.  

Development Completed: When the developer completes the necessary adjustments and will be ready for testing by the customer. 

Resolved: If the support team successfully resolves your issue, they will mark your ticket as Resolved. You can reopen the ticket if you need further assistance. 

Preparing Proposal: When an agent already has the necessary information for a request and is preparing a proposal to pass on to the customer, the ticket status will be marked as Preparing Proposal.

Ready for Design: This situation occurs when a proposal has been approved and is ready to kick off the work design.

Closed: When a ticket is marked as closed, it means that the issue has been resolved, and the customer has confirmed that they are satisfied with the solution. 

Blocked: Finally, if a demand encounters a situation where it is impossible to continue without it being resolved, the ticket status will be marked as Blocked. 

By understanding the different statuses of your support ticket, you can better track the progress of your issue and have a clearer expectation of what to expect from the customer support team.

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