Tips for submitting tickets

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When submitting tickets, it will help us answer your questions and address any issues accurately if you follow some basic guidelines.

Requester: if you aren't logged in to your support portal, and are instead using the site widget to send a request, you can enter your email address and it should find you. 

Subject: required. Keep it as succinct and descriptive as possible. Please don't write full paragraphs here – that's what the Description field is for!

Description: required. You can really express yourself here! Give us as much detail as you can, including URL of the page where you're having the issue, things like that. It really helps if you can make this a problem statement, instead of a feature request. A good example would be something like, "Our visitors are having trouble finding the faculty profiles and we'd like to do something to make them easier to find," instead of "Could you please re-theme our site so that we can add another main navigation term for Faculty?"

Attach a file or Take Screenshot. Please! The more you can include the easier it will be to help you.

Type. Options are Question, Problem or Task. Here are few examples of how to use the three types:

  • Question. Things like, "I don't know how to...", "Can we have tabs on this template?", "Could you help with this page, it looks icky." We'll change the ticket type to Task or Problem on our end when we assign it, if necessary.
  • Problem. This is the type to use for bug reports, or any technical issues your site is experiencing. Things like, "I just deleted all my home page content!" or "Our site is down!" Don't use this type for basic Questions - it's better reserved for actual Problems.
  • Task. Typically we'll be using this type more than clients will, when tickets are submitted. However, if we've already discussed something and you're just getting around to asking us to do it, go ahead and submit a ticket of type Task and we'll get it scheduled.
This issue is Urgent. Like it says, please use with care! This triggers all kinds of alerts on our end, so if your site isn't down or something else equally urgent, please don't check the box. :)

We appreciate your help in submitting accurate tickets so that we can resolve your issues quickly and well!

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