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Your website consists of both posts and navigation terms. If you often make Pods you are probably familiar with the URL Redirect field that you can configure when you create or edit posts. But what if you have a navigation term that you want to redirect?

1. How to redirect a navigation term to another term or post

If you have the System Admin role you can easily set these up by using the black admin bar and navigating to Site Building then URL Redirects.

The URL Redirects section of your website is where you can add new and manage existing redirects.

To add a new redirect click the Add Redirect link or tab at the top of the page.

You'll see two fields. One labeled From and one labeled To.

In order to create good redirects, you'll need to learn a little bit about how URLs are made on your website.

Like I said earlier, your website consists of both posts and navigation terms.

You may have noticed that your website automatically created human-friendly URLs for these based on the navigation term name or post title.

The technical term the content management system uses for both of these are Taxonomy Term and Node. Each are given a unique number to identify them from one another in the system.

  • Navigation term = taxonomy term
  • Post = node

Since Admins can rename navigation terms you don't want to set up a redirect using the human-friendly URL. Instead we should use the taxonomy or node number since it never changes.

There is a quick trick to looking up the taxonomy term number associated with a navigation term. Simply edit the navigation term and look for the number in the URL. If you are redirecting from a navigation term to another navigation term, look up the number for both terms.

Back on the Add Redirect page, use the following format to create your new redirect(s):

  • Navigation Terms = taxonomy/term/#
  • Posts = node/#

Click Save.

Now users will be redirected to the content of your choosing.

2. How to redirect a navigation term to an external URL

There may be certain cases where you want to redirect a term to an external page, e.g. you may want to redirect "Donate Now" to

To do this, follow the steps above, except be sure to include the full URL in the "To:" field, including the http:// (or https://).

By default, the item will not open in a new window. To have it open in a new window, please submit a support ticket, and our team would be glad to assist you.

If you run into any issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to send us a support ticket.

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